JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics

JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics is the practical element of the course “The Production of Space in the Digital Age” on the Masters of Critical Urban Studies at the European Humanities University in Vilnius. The course explores both the potential that digital mapping technologies offer for critical studies of spatial issues, and also considers how digital technologies are impacting on ways of perceiving, managing and experiencing spaces.

The entry point for the project was the idea that what marks the difference between socialist and post-socialist urbanisation is a diversification and multiplication of the contexts in relation to which the district functions. Within this transformation, digital technologies play a complex and variegated role, just one of which is to dissolve the boundaries between spaces of work and those of rest. Thus, what we have tried to do, using a mix of online research and field-explorations in the district, in combination with a performative excursion around Lazdynai, is map a series of plots through which to understand more fully the contexts in which today’s Lazdynai works.

Booklet has been presented at Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2013

L for L_preview_first page

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