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JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics

JUST Sleeping District? Lazdynai for Lunatics is the practical element of the course “The Production of Space in the Digital Age” on the Masters of Critical Urban Studies at the European Humanities University in Vilnius. The course explores both the potential that digital … Continue reading

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JUST.Research_Urban decoding_LAZDYNAI fieldwork_part 2

Graffiti is a very important part of life in Vilnius. You can hardly find a place without graffiti in every district. Lazdynai is not an exception; it’s a significant example of using graffiti in the space of the city. There … Continue reading

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JUST.Research_Urban decoding_LAZDYNAI fieldwork_part 1

Our first excursion to Lazdynai was dedicated to understandings of micro and macro forces behind district decline. We applied semiotic reading of the urban environment, visited some common spaces and collected relevant objects for the future analysis. Results of this … Continue reading

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JUST.Locations_Introducing LAZDYNAI

In order to understand all complexities behind modernist housing areas of Vilnius from the Soviet times, we started a dialogue with local expert group Archfondas, particularly with Architecture (excursion) Fund section. They provide us excursion maps from the series Perfect … Continue reading

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JUST.Interview_Ula Tornau (Kultflux)

Fate of Kultflux / by Anna Pozniak …Kultflux for us meant “cultural flux” and a flux is a coming together of two rivers. Since from the beginning we wanted to do it on the flux of two rivers we decided … Continue reading

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JUST intervention in Baltia Magazine

Short text about ‘Return of the Ghost’ intervention in the Baltia Magazine (Issue 16, Self-Organization) Report by Aistė Galaunytė    

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Tauro Ragas area_historical maps

Tauro hill maps  1916 / 1935 / 1942   / founded in Marburg archive    

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Return of the Ghost

J.U.S.T 2 Vilnius / Critical Urbanism Days / 15-18.05.2012   How seven Mayors didn’t kill the Ghost? graffiti on the abandoned beer-bar Tauro Ragas, serve as a trigger to dig into complex past and question blurred future of the once important … Continue reading

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J.U.S.T 1 _video

EHU, Vilnius, 14-22.05.2011 As a part of guest seminar Click-Click Urbanism, E-Skimming and Mapping, urban interventions in post-socialist context of Vilnius were critically examined and practiced in public sphere. Focus was on vacant modernist heritage and administrative ignorance that leads to … Continue reading

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Presenting JUST locations_Tauro Ragas_Vilnius

Beer restaurant “Tauro Ragas” / built-in 1974 Architects: Eugenijus Gūzas, Algimantas Mačiulis Original function: the major beer restaurant in Soviet Vilnius (140 places + 180 places in the basement + 90 places on the open terrace + 40 places in … Continue reading

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