Commodification of leisure and spatial justice / Case of Vilnius

The first year of JUST has been triggered with seminar Click-Click Urbanism. E-Skimming and Mapping developed by ParaArtFormations in coordination with Critical Urbanism Laboratory at European Humanities University (EHU). Main goal of the seminar was to find suitable communication models to address problem of obsolete leisure infrastructure from the Soviet times.

In the case of Vilnius, but also many East European capitals, shopping centers and old town have been celebrated as a places to spend free time while many socialist-modernist buildings with primary leisure function (even in the central areas) has been either underused or abandoned. This condition was starting point for proactive, intervention-driven strategies to reanimate those buildings and suggest some ideas of reprogramming.

Activities resulted in jamming 3 important leisure spaces from Soviet times (abandoned beer bar Tauro Ragas, closed Palace of Sport and underused Amphitheatre in Vingis Park), offering new forms of spatial organization that bring these spaces back to the map of the city.

For more info see JUST-booklet-2011

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