Return of the Ghost

J.U.S.T 2 Vilnius / Critical Urbanism Days / 15-18.05.2012


How seven Mayors didn’t kill the Ghost? graffiti on the abandoned beer-bar Tauro Ragas, serve as a trigger to dig into complex past and question blurred future of the once important social space. Alternative visualization strategies has been practiced with students from EHU and activists from Archfondas, during the 3 days productive-camping at another underused cultural space KultFlux. Retracing famous sculpture of Tauro and bringing it back to original location in the sort of religious procession, opened up participative photo exhibition and invites people to rethink existing cultural developments embedded in commodification of leisure.

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J.U.S.T 1 _video

EHU, Vilnius, 14-22.05.2011

As a part of guest seminar Click-Click Urbanism, E-Skimming and Mapping, urban interventions in post-socialist context of Vilnius were critically examined and practiced in public sphere. Focus was on vacant modernist heritage and administrative ignorance that leads to dilapidation and real-estate speculations. Three spaces of leisure (beer bar, public amphitheatre and sport hall) have been culturally jammed with an aim to build long-term strategy together with local interest groups, cultural institutions and policy makers.

JUST 1 min University > new knowledge-exchange format

JUST 6.59 > fake opening ceremony of the social-agricultural club

JUST Ride-In > blending bike culture with cinematic experience

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Presenting JUST locations_Tauro Ragas_Vilnius

Beer restaurant “Tauro Ragas” / built-in 1974

Architects: Eugenijus Gūzas, Algimantas Mačiulis

Original function: the major beer restaurant in Soviet Vilnius (140 places + 180 places

in the basement + 90 places on the open terrace + 40 places in the banquet room).

Abandoned from the mid-2000s.

Current plans: Demolition. Building is not included in heritage list.

Owned by UAB ASSENT.


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